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Moment Calculation Tool


Wood-Armer Moment Calculation Tool

Wood-Armer is a post-processor to SuperSTRESS and is used to aid the design of reinforced concrete slabs and bridge decks idealised as grillages, it forms part of the SuperLOAD package, or can be supplied separately as a 'bolt on' module to SuperSTRESS.

Steel Design Module, Including Automated Section Sizing

From the SuperSTRESS analysis results Wood-Armer determines the reinforcement moments in the top and bottom of the slab according to Wood and Armer calculations, allowing for a skew reinforcement angle. While the method is strictly applicable to solid slabs, it can also be used for voided slabs where top and bottom surfaces are continuous.

Wood-Armer has been enhanced from an original program produced by Babtie, Shaw and Morton, which received approval from the Department for Transport (DOT/EBP/268C). The enhancements are principally the introduction of Graitec UK's professional SuperSUITE environment to ensure consistency with SuperSTRESS; the proven calculation routines remain unchanged.

Before using Wood-Armer, the bridge slab must be idealised as a grid or space frame and analysed in SuperSTRESS. Following analysis a direct link to Wood-Armer is available, where the frame geometry and results are available for processing. The actual calculation procedure is a completely automatic process taking only a few moments for even the largest structure.

The calculations are performed on all the SuperSTRESS loadcases that you specify, including combinations and patterns. The tabulated output from Wood-Armer, moment triads or Wood and Armer moments may be listed individually or as envelopes for all or any part of the structure.

Wood-Armer key features

  • Steel Design Module, Including Automated Section SizingAccess to all SuperSTRESS data including geometry, properties and results.
  • Orthogonal or skew decks.
  • Orthogonal or skew reinforcement.
  • Automatic calculation of slab moment triads from SuperSTRESS member forces.
  • Automatic calculation of Wood and Armer moments from slab moment triads.

Wood-Armer is developed under our TickIT approved Quality Management System, which ensures well documented, well structured and reliable software.
We are committed to continual improvement and providing the best support service to out clients.

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