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The UK's Leading Structural Analysis Software (Frame / Grillage)


SuperSTRESS is the leading structural analysis program. New users can immediately become familiar with and enjoy the powerful, easy-to-use graphical interface and intuitive input methods. There is a huge range of tools available within SuperSTRESS and to enable the user to take advantage of these and use the program most effectively, training is recommended. Accurate modelling of highly complex structures can be carried out in the minimum of time with flexible tabular and graphical output available directly to Word and Excel and with excellent facilities to import and export from AutoCAD.

Advance CAD: InterfaceWithin SuperSTRESS you select which type of structure you require, plane frame/truss, space frame/truss, grillage or sub-frame. These modules are available individually to enable your company complete flexibility and economy.

The following features are available to the user, all within the user friendly SuperSUITE environment:

SuperSTRESS key features:


  • Advance CAD: InterfaceUnlimited numbers of materials, sections, load types and basic, pattern, combination loadcases can be entered.
  • Automatic structure generation.
  • Tabular input tools such as cut, copy, paste, paste special, undo and redo are available.
  • Fast intuitive graphical input with snap, add, delete, move, copy, mirror, stretch, intersect and divide functions.
  • Comprehensive, user configurable input and output reporting facilities and graphical results
  • Import and export facilities to Windows applications, in both DXF and customisable text formats.

SuperSTRESS has been used to model a wide variety of structure types including: roller coasters, timber roof trusses, foundations, hospitals, diaphragm walls, stadium roofs, bridge decks, temporary works and complex trusses. It is a well established, versatile analysis package which is developed under our TickIT approved Quality Management System, which ensures well documented, structured and reliable software.

Other features available are:

  • Advance CAD: InterfaceIterative analysis for structures with support or member limits with user definable strategy for removing and reinstating members.
  • Powerful non-linear analysis covers tension-only members, one-way acting supports and large displacement analysis.
  • Global, multiple local and member-specific axes systems.
  • Structure sets and loadcase sets can be utilised to filter graphics, input tables or output tables for required data.
  • Graphical display of section profiles.
  • Fast efficient links to reinforced concrete design and detailing and steel design modules.

Advance CAD: InterfaceAdvance CAD: InterfaceSuperSTRESS is developed under our TickIT approved Quality Management System, which ensures well documented,well structured and reliable software.
We are committed to continual improvement and providing the best support service to our clients.

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