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Influence Line and Surface Generator Tool


Influence Line and Surface Generator Tool

SS-SURF is the influence line and surface generation module for all structural engineers who use SuperSTRESS, whether for designing building or bridge structures. The following features are available to the user, all within the user- friendly SuperSUITE environment. Influence lines and surfaces can easily be generated by identifying the points of interest. They can then be viewed and output, filtering as required or directly referenced for the positioning of vehicular loading in the most onerous position either manually or automatically with other parts of the SuperLOAD package.

Influence lines

How many times have you wanted a quick method  of evaluating the influence line for a continuous beam or other simple plane frame? Now with SS-SURF the tabular values and the influence diagram can be produced in seconds!

Influence surfaces

How often have you spent more time deciding the type of loading you need to apply to create an influence surface than the actual analysis time? Now with SS-SURF you just decide on which effect you require and at what locations and it does all the work for you. Each surface can then be viewed individually or in groups. Following which the surfaces can be easily referred to within AutoLoader, to calculate the most adverse loading position on the bridge structure. If further surfaces are needed, it is only a matter of requesting and they are produced in seconds.

SS-SURF key features:

  • SS-SURF: Influence linesApplicable to plane frame, grillage and space frame SuperSTRESS models.
  • Easy definition of attributes required at multiple locations.
  • Influence lines/surfaces for: linear and rotational displacements, support reactions, member axial force, shear, moment and torque.
  • Produces lines/surfaces for all or part of the SuperSTRESS model.
  • Graphical display.
  • Tabular results with sort and filter.
  • Full Windows copy facilities on.
  • Numerical data.
  • Integrated with other SuperLOAD modules.

SS-SURF is developed under our TickIT approved Quality Management System, which ensures well documented, well structured and reliable software.
We are committed to continual improvement and providing the best support service to out clients.

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