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SuperCONCRETE BEAM : Concrete Beam Design Module


Concrete Beam Design Module

SuperSUITE – SuperCONCRETE BaseSuper CONCRETE-BEAM is a plug-in design module for the design of reinforced concrete beams to BS8110. The structure is modelled using SuperSTRESS, once analysed you can seamlessly enter Super CONCRETE-BEAM to carry out the beam design.

Standard design data can be modified as per the requirements of your design, moments can be re-distributed and after designing you can interact graphically to modify the design. All of these options are laid out in the familiar SuperSUITEenvironment.

SuperCONCRETE BEAM forms part of the SuperCONCRETE package, which enables you to design columns, beams and bases with maximum efficiency.

During the design all relevant BS8110 Clauses are automatically checked. The detailed reporting facilities are fully cross-referenced with design clause references and there is an extensive choice of tabular and graphical output of results, with precise positions of maximum values identified.

After the design the SCX add on tool can be used to output your design directly to SuperCAD with all the beam outlines and bars detailed.

Super CONCRETE BEAM key features

  • SuperSUITE – SuperCONCRETE BaseNominal cover evaluated from exposure, fire resistance and material properties.
  • Choice of design location at supports - centre line or face.
  • Two design/detailing methods - vertical and horizontal.
  • Interactive control of groups, layers, links and curtailment lengths for each design zone.
  • Mixed bar diameters at any location with full control of the reinforcement actually provided.

SCX Links

All our SuperCONCRETE modules (SuperCONCRETE BEAM, BASERCOL) are plug-in design programs for the design of reinforced concrete elements to BS8110. Any structure can be modelled using SuperSTRESS, once analysed you can seamlessly enter the SuperCONCRETE modules to carry out the single or group element design. On its own this is a powerful feature of our software suite but the ability extends further with our SCX links.

Analyse, Design, Detail and Schedule, in Minutes

From your detailed design in any of the SuperCONCRETE modules you can automatically link to our detailing and scheduling package SuperCAD via our intelligent SCX links.

All bars, cover lines and element outlines are automatically brought into your dwg or dxf file and an automatic schedule can be produced, including all relevant code checks.


SuperCONCRETE-BEAM is developed under our TickIT approved Quality Management System, which ensures well documented, well structured and reliable software.
We are committed to continual improvement and providing the best support service to out clients.

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