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Concrete Base Design Module


Concrete Base Design Module

SuperCONCRETE BASE is a plug in design module for the analysis and design of both mass concrete and reinforced concrete bases to BS8110. The structure is modelled using SuperSTRESS; once analysed you can seamlessly enter SC-BASE to carry out the base design.

It has a brand new, easy to use, user interface with seamless integration with SuperSTRESS. It is capable of designing groups of bases both as mass concrete or reinforced; in either case its possible to automatically optimise the base size and reinforcement even when there are complex bi-axial forces present.


The bases are statically analysed for overturning, sliding (including BS8004 check), uplift and bearing pressure, even when subjected to complex bi-axial bending; the base size can be selected for automatic optimisation to prevent failure. Usage factors for the stability analysis are shown separately so that sensible grouping can be made.SuperSUITE – SuperCONCRETE Base

Standard design data can be applied to groups of bases and modified as per the requirements of your design. After designing you can view all selected bar layout and critical ones are highlighted. All of these options are laid out in the familiar SuperSUITE environment.

SC-BASE is entered using a seamless link from SuperSTRESS and it forms part of the SuperCONCRETE package, which enables you to design columns, beams and bases with maximum efficiency.

During the design all relevant BS8110 Clauses are automatically checked. The detailed reporting facilities are fully cross-referenced with design clause references and there is an extensive choice of tabular and graphical output of results, with precise positions of maximum values identified.

After the design the SCX add on tool can be used to output your design directly to SuperCAD with all the base outlines and bars detailed.


Design multiple bases

SuperSUITE – SuperCONCRETE BaseYou are now able to group bases together enabling the analysis and design to be optimised for the group.

The analysis covers uplift, overturning, sliding (including combination check to BS8004) and bearing pressure calculations even when complex bi-axial forces are present.

You can select whether a group of bases is to be checked for stability or design options; also you can select which loadcases are to be used.

SuperCONCRETE-BASE key features

  • SuperCONCRETE-BASE key featuresDesign all of the bases in your structure in one go.
  • Flexible mass concrete or reinforced (by bars or mesh) base options, dependent on group.
  • Automatic grouping can be modified by the engineer.
  • Design checks for all bases carried out instantaneously.
  • Comprehensive output and reporting facilities.
  • Full design calculation reports for each base and reinforcement layout with cross-references to BS8110 & BS8004.
  • Critical check and usage for each base and the critical base in each group reported.

SuperCONCRETE-BASE is developed under our TickIT approved Quality Management System, which ensures well documented, well structured and reliable software.
We are committed to continual improvement and providing the best support service to out clients.

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