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Automated Highway Load Positioning Tool / Bridge Loading


Automated Highway Load Positioning Tool / Bridge Loading

SuperSUITE - AutoLoader: Automated Highway Load Positioning Tool / Bridge LoadingAutoLoader is a pre-processor to H-LOAD for the automatic positioning of vehicular loading to achieve the most adverse effect. It uses either influence surfaces created in SS-SURF or basic SuperSTRESS loadcases to determine the lane layout, length and type of loading to be applied to your bridge under the selected bridge loading standards. These loads are created directly in >H-LOAD for any manual manipulation or for generation into SuperSTRESS.

AutoLoader forms part of the SuperLOAD package and is accessed directly within the user friendly SuperSUITE environment.

The familiar, simple to use, SuperSUITE interface enables the creation of either straight or curved bounding carriageways and the selection of the types and magnitude of the loading to be applied. This included both abnormal (HB) and normal (HA) loading; super-imposed dead loading can also be selected for inclusion.

The most onerous loading can be generated for a variety of national and international railway and bridge loading standards, including both highway and railway loading to BD37 and assessment loading to BD21. Custom vehicles, k values and loading curves can all be defined resulting in very powerful and flexible tool.

AutoLoader will automatically generate the H-LOAD lanes, loads, loadgroups and loadcases, using any lane and load (yf3 and yfL) factors that you have specified.

Complete Modulisation
SuperSUITE's complete modulisation allows our clients the freedom to pick and choose those features that are specific to their needs. This allows our clients to create  tailored solutions, which will ultimately mean reduced costs as it eliminates redundant software being bundled into the software package. This modular approach to building software packages also means that it is easy to adapt  to new tools as the same reliable user interface is concurrent throughout the range.

AutoLoader key features:

  • AutoLoader key featuresCompliant to UK and International standards, including: BD21, BD37, JKR, Hong Kong, AUSTROADS, AASHTO.
  • Automatic calculation of number and width of notional lanes.
  • Position and value of maximum influence on each lane and length of adverse areas of influence.
  • Cumulative effects of loading more than one adverse area.
  • Worst case loading patterns for: HA only, HB only, HA and HB.
  • User defined vehicles, loading curves and k values.
  • Superimposed dead loading.
  • Fast automatic generation of H-LOAD data.

AutoLoader is developed in conjuncture with Pell Frishmann, under out TickIT approved Quality Management System, which ensures well documented, well structured and reliable software.
We are committed to continual improvement and providing the best support service to our clients.

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