Nové Chabry Residential House
  • Nové Chabry Residential House
  • Nové Chabry Residential House
  • Nové Chabry Residential House
  • Nové Chabry Residential House
  • Nové Chabry Residential House

Residential complex of four 5-storey houses supported by a common concrete slab, which also functions as the roof of underground garages. In addition to the heavy load, this slab has additional complications due to non-continuous vertical bearing elements. The building materials were a combination of monolithic concrete and masonry.

“With easy modeling, clear results and wide material design capability, Advance Design presents structural analysis software suitable for everyday practical usage, while working on projects of various types of buildings”– Josef Veselý, HHStatika s.r.o.

The Challenge

  • Complex geometry of the building and ground plans which were different for each building
  • Combination of concrete and masonry skills required to simulate the behaviour of different building materials
  • Many loads acting on the building, including soil pressure and climatic loads

The Solution

  • Easy creation of the structural model from the DXF reference plans and systems of levels to keep the consistent altitude of all members whilst quickly changing the level height
  • Export of actions from supports and their import into another model was a simple way to exclude tension effects from masonry walls
  • Automatic generators of soil pressure and climatic loads from snow and wind according to Eurocode rules

Users’ Benefits

  • Consistent model of the structure
  • Increased productivity by intuitive modeling tools
  • Time saving by automation of load generator
  • Project Details: Advance Design
  • Location: Nové Chabry Residential House, Czech Republic
  • Design office: HHStatika s.r.o.

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