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Watermark Manager

Protecting and managing your Revit® Families


Add secure personal information to user-created families

Developing your own personal libraries of Revit® Families is a massive time and resource investment but sharing your Revit® Families enables them to be copied and reused, until now. The Watermark Manager for Revit® allows owner information to be securely added to personal and company Revit® Families and password protected.

The Watermark Manager for Revit® is designed to protect Revit® Families by securely embedding information to identify the owner.

It allows the user to add copyright watermarks to self-created families, protecting the information with a password set by user that cannot be overwritten.

After loading a family or families in the Watermark Manager dialog, they can be verified to check if a watermark is already applied. If the family doesn't have a watermark the user is able to add one by setting a password and editing the watermark configuration.

To remove a watermark, the original password will be required.

When the family is loaded into a project, in the edit type dialog, the watermark configuration information of the family will appear and it will not be editable.

This information can be used on schedules or displayed on drawings.

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