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Rebar Visibility

Instant access to visibility states


Once rebar has been placed within your Revit® model. Setting the visibility of reinforcement with in a view or views has to be done manually by selecting the bars and changing the View Visibility States in the properties. This can take you a while to do especially if you have a large number of views setup. The Rebar Visibility tool is a simple dialoge that allows users to instantly change the view's visibility state and to show reinforcement bars unobscured and/or as solids in 3D views, or to hide certain bars.

Reveal the rebar in seconds in a style that suits the situation.

Simple check boxes enable rapid results

Select the elements to reveal or simply show all reinforcement in the active view

Users have the option to filter the reinforcement by reinforcement type, partition, reinforcement number, rebar shape, diameter, host type, level and/or material.

Visibility Options

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