Export to ACIS

Exporting an Autodesk Advance Steel model into solids


Using the Graitec PowerPack on top of Autodesk Advance Steel it is possible to visualize the model on a platform supporting ACIS files.

The Export parts to ACIS tool allows you to export Autodesk Advance Steel objects grouped in assemblies or single parts, as 3D Solids (ACIS), to separate files with ".sap" or ".dwg" extensions.

The Export model to ACIS tool allows you to export an Autodesk Advance Steel model as 3D Solids (ACIS) to a file with an ".sap" or ".dwg" extension.

To use either command, select the object(s), and then apply the Export parts/model to ACIS tool from the Tools category.

The corresponding ACIS export dialog will open, allowing you to make the desired settings.

If checked (default), the Delete existing files option deletes any files already existing in the selected file location.

The check boxes in the Select objects category (model export) are checked by default, taking into account all model objects.

The Export / Union settings section in the dialog contains various export options, e.g. for joining all elements in a single ACIS body, exporting folded plates with folds as a single object, keeping compound/tapered beam parts as single objects after export, or keeping the bolts in the export when Assembly is selected (for model export).

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