GRAITEC Advantage Forum Rules

A few simple and reasonable rules to follow on this forum - 

please read before posting for the first time.

This forum's purpose is to provide GRAITEC software users an interactive environment where they can discuss all kind of problems encountered while using the software, or share knowledge, tips and ideas, suggest new features etc. We hope that this feature will help GRAITEC Advance users to improve their skills and use our software more productively.


1.You are welcome to use this forum only for the discussion of GRAITEC software use. Please do not post topics or messages that are not related to this theme.
2.When choosing a new topic title, please make sure it clearly indicates to the reader what the topic is.
3.Before posting a reply or a new message, please try to read other posts to see what others have experienced.
4.When describing an error or a procedure it is recommended to provide detailed steps using accurate terms. Thus everyone reading your post will be able to understand it and give you appropriate answers.
5.Please use polite language and respectfully regard other users' opinions, even when your own point of view is different than theirs.
6.For submitting suggestions or comments about this forum, you are welcome to do it on the e-support page.

Legal information
Access to this website is reserved for GRAITEC Advantage subscribers. The "User" and "Password" provided are reserved exclusively to the service subscriber and must not be given under any circumstances to other third parties or companies without authorization from GRAITEC. Any use of information from this site is forbidden without GRAITEC's permission. The perpetrators expose themselves to possible legal actions and will be locked out of the GRAITEC Advantage web site.