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Sheet and plate metal work

With Autodesk Advance Steel it only takes two clicks to create an element, for example, a conical shape from two CAD entities


Folded plates of various shapes are widely used in various fields of steel construction: stair ramps for buildings, pipe connection, gas ducts in petrochemical industry, etc. Usually these elements are difficult to model without 3D view, also, obtaining the workshop drawings is a time consuming task.

With Autodesk Advance Steel it only takes two clicks to create an element, for example, a conical shape from two CAD entities (circle, square, etc.) or between two profiles with different diameters or different sections. All necessary documents (including NC files) are created directly from the model with a simple click. All folded elements are displayed unfolded in workshop drawings which means great cost and time saving.


Various shapes created in no time!

Creating folded plates has never been so easy and flexible!

Folded plates in various designs, simple as well as complex shapes can be created and modified in 3D environment.

Autodesk Advance Steel - Automatic tools are available to create plates of any shape Automatic tools are available to create plates of any shape. It only takes a few clicks to create a folded element:

  • Create all necessary plates, one by one, within the same plane or anywhere in the drawing.
    All shapes are accepted and can be easily created using a complete set of intuitive tools.
    - Rectangular plates (with one central point, two or three points)
    - Polygonal plates (created from a polyline)
    - Any contour can be cut to get the desired shape
    - Holes can be created
  • Select the plates to join, define a folding angle... and get the required result instantly!

Conical and twisted plates

Just two clicks to create a wide variety of complex irregular shapes such as:

  • A conical shape from two CAD entities (circle, square, etc.) or between two profiles with different diameters.
  • Square - to circular folded elements
  • Twisted elements from two curves or splines

For example, to create a folded square - to circular:

  • Select a circle and a square
  • Enter the plate thickness and the number of facets per corner (or quadrant). The square to circular element is created!

Easy to modify while working in 3D

Once created, the folded plate is treated as a single element.
It can be easily modified without loosing the relations between the elements.

Cut any contour

  • Create any type of contour cuts on any of the faces or on the folded line
  • Create holes of any type: round, slotted, countersink, etc.
  • Trim or split any of the joined plates

A set of user friendly tools allow making all necessary modifications and getting any shape of folded plate, simple, as well as complex.

Add weld preparations

Weld preparations are frequently required for heavy plate fabrication.
With Autodesk Advance Steel, any chamfer (straight or fillet) can be added to a folded plate edge for weld preparation.

Bent at any angle

The bent angle can be adjusted.
Additionally, the size and the shape or even the bent angle can be changed using grips.

All modifications have direct effects on drawings. These are automatically updated thus reducing the cost and completion time.


Secure modeling

At any moment it is possible to check if the created plate can be developed into one sheet of material. This insures a correct modeling - very important as Autodesk Advance Steel creates automatically the workshop drawing directly from the model.

The unfold representation can be displayed also during modeling.

Accurate drawings created automatically!

Autodesk Advance Steel automatically creates workshop drawings of all folded plates! All necessary information is included:

  • The unfolded representation
  • Folding line
  • Bending direction
  • Folding angle

Bend allowance calculation

The end-user can control the bend allowance calculation when getting automatic workshop drawings with the representation of the part unfolded.

Autodesk Advance Steel: Bend allowance calculation There are different available choices:

  • By inner contours
  • By outer contours
  • By pure median line
  • By DIN
  • By table

The French customer Ets Legrand reports: "With the help of the GRAITEC technical support, we configured Autodesk Advance Steel to work with our fabrication machines at the workshop so that the unfolding of folded plates can be obtained by the criteria of the machines (value of the plate elongation, folding radius, plate thickness, etc.)."

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