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Eurocodes 3 connection design

Fast and easy checking of steel connections according to Eurocodes 3 and AISC rules


Autodesk Advance Steel includes an improved connection design engine with extended capabilities for the fast and easy checking of steel connections according to Eurocodes 3 and AISC rules. The program is able to run specific checks according to Eurocodes 3 rules for several types of connections, optimizing connection design for all structural elements of the model.

Example: Eurocodes 3 connection design for beam to column knee of frame bolted with haunch

For each steel connection, Autodesk Advance Steel provides an interactive window that allows users to define the desired parameters.

All changes made in this window can be viewed in real time. Moreover, the collision check tool warns when connection elements overlap, and also notifies the user whether there is enough space for a wrench to fit between the bolts.

The beam to column knee of frame bolted with haunch is a typical connection, commonly used between steel structural elements. After defining the connection parameters and efforts based on the connection calculation, users can easily check if the steel connection follows Eurocodes 3 rules.

The checking is performed separately for each connection component.

Bolts check

Distances between bolts and to the plate end must be between the minimum and maximum allowed values specified by Eurocodes 3 rules.

Advance Steel Eurocodes 3 connection design

End plate and column check

Checking the bolt shear and bolt bearing at the end plate and column.

The end plate is checked for shear yielding, shear ultimate and block tearing.


The steel connection design module of Autodesk Advance Steel applies the connection classification according to stiffness. The connections design module generates a Moment - Rotation diagram for each verified connection.


Other steel connections designed according to Eurocodes 3 in Autodesk Advance Steel

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