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Automatic engineering drawings

Automatically generate engineering drawings starting from configurable templates


Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers have a very powerful and innovative feature, they automatically create engineering drawings using localized configurable templates and based on the real calculated 3D rebar cage.

To support multiple workflows GRAITEC Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers can be used directly on Revit®, on Advance Design or as a standalone process. As a result the production and configuration of detailed drawings is managed by two different drawing technologies depending on the chosen workflow.


Working Standalone

The GRAITEC Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers generates complete engineering drawings to a specified page format, containing sections and elevations. The bar schedule and the title block are also automatically included. The possibility to produce drawings is available only after reinforcement calculation and updated after every manual adjustment of the reinforcement.

When working on Advance Design or in standalone mode, the drawing generated is based on one of the default *.dwg template. These files include dynamic blocks, the drawing style (a .dwt template file containing layer colors, line weights, text styles, symbols, etc.), the page layout, the scale of the drawings, the title block type and the bar schedule, all of which can be customized from a dedicated dialog:

The drawing presentation is fully defined in a.dwt document. Thisdescribes the layers, colours and styles used for each reinforcement type, text and dmension:

The user also has the possibility to enable generation and customization of the bending details that will be placed automatically in the different reinforcement drawing views:

Advance BIM Designers | Automatic engineering drawings


Working on Autodesk Revit®

All sections and elevations are automatically created as native Autodesk Revit® detail views and added to a sheet together with a title block and reinforcement schedule. The drawing generated is based on a native Autodesk Revit® template file that has been preconfigured in accordance with local country standards. This template is fully configurable and equally editing the finish can be done directly in the views using specific Autodesk Revit® or PowerPack for Revit® tools.

The existing templates can be used as they are, or can be edited as required or new Revit templates can be created and then definedas the default template in the appropriate section in the dedicated dialog.

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